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My name is Cristián Méndez Sâbre. I write music out of a need to liberate my soul. Life resonates loudly in mundane events and I filter its beauty and pain through melodies. This blog is about the honest, simple moments that make up the music of my life. To listen to my actual tracks please visit:



Hello Everybody

"Hello everybody, so glad to see you, hello everybody so glad to see you" I hear Isabela through the baby monitor; singing with perfect pitch, filling my dark room with the light of a thousand suns. The moon is still out and Care is asleep. I turn around and cover myself craving a few more dreams before I get up for the day. "Hello to papa so glad to see you, hello to mama, so glad to see you". Isabela’s sweet voice continues singing with more energy than the previous time around.

The serenade continues with, Twinkle Twinkle, and ABCD before she decides to start calling out for me “Papa! Papa!” And in between her shouting she’s talking to her Elmo and telling stories to her stuffed animals. I eventually get the strength to open my eyes and take a stroll to her door. As soon as I open it she’s standing there waiting for me, in the dark, smiling and pointing at the door saying “It’s papa! Hola papa!” I get close and she shows me the book she’s been reading, and gives me a toy and says “tappy-tappy”, requesting the silly song I made up when I make her toys tap dance.

I give her a hug and at least a dozen kisses. She has the scent of innocence and rainbows. Smiling, she tells me “I want to see mama”. Her little feet start running towards the door before they touch the ground. She takes off to our bedroom and gets lost from my sight. Like every day I trail way behind her, smiling. I cherish every second knowing I’m more than lucky and beyond blessed. I hold on to the feeling knowing I’m in love with life. I savor the melodies still lingering in my heart. I thank God and pray tomorrow I can wake up again with Isabela’s music and laughter.

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